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i-mode web site; Each user of Japanese mobile phones can receive your information!

What is i-mode?
You can see the latest information with texts and images on the screen of your cellular phone.
This service provided by ntt-docomo (Japan's largest telephone company) is called i-mode.
You can make your "i-mode web site" on your current server and 22 millions of Japanese will be able to see your information or order your products/service!

For details on i-mode; http://www.nttdocomo.com/

i-mode phone Shopping Information Questionnaire

To make your i-mode web site data;
US$80/400 words (in Japanese)
black & white US$15/one image
color US$30/one image
top page US$50
other US$30/page
E-mail translation service: $US30/10 e-mails
Please forward your Japanese e-mails to us or make them sent directly to us. We'll translate them into English and also translate your replies into Japanese.

You can choose one of the followings.
Credit Card
The procedure is done through a secured website. The fastest way.
Bank Transfer
The transfer fee is at your expense.
International Money Order
The transfer fee is at your expense. It takes time but costs less.

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