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Any questions/comments you have;

To inquire;
Your name
Your organization's name
E-mail address
Retype the e-mail address (to make sure)
Product/Service of your organization

The service you're interested
Temporary 1 See the explanation
Temporary 2 See the explanation
Continuous See the explanation
Translation See the explanation
i-mode See the explanation

Exhibition or promotion you're planning
The period of the exhibition or promotion
From; Date/ Month/ Year/
To; Date/ Month/ Year/

The date you'd like to open your website Date/ Month/ Year/
You'd like to make a website;
4 pages or under, almost the same style as the sample.
More than 4 pages.

When it's more than 4, on your web site you'd like to add;
Produce/Service information
Shopping pages

The date you'd like to open your i-mode website
Date/ Month/ Year/

Quantity of the texts and images you'd like to put on the site

ex. 2 pages with A4 paper and 10 images

As for materials, you already have;
Text data in English
Photo data
Texts on papers
Photos on papers

You'd like to ask us to write new texts.
You'd like to ask us to prepare new photos or illustrations.
Other materials you already have;

The theme of the texts you have;
Due date you're expecting
Quantity of the texts

ex.10 pages with A4 paper, 25 pages on the website

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