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We'll make your own Japanese website.
E-mail translation service is included.

Please let us know the theme, purpose and the approximate quantity of your website from our ASK US! page.
We'll let you know the details of the price and when we can finish it after your order.
Please send us your materials with Internet.
Materials; Texts in English and Images (photo data).
Postal mails are also acceptable.
*When the total pages are 4 pages or under.

We'll show you draft design of your website with images. You can check it on the web.
We'll show you the final design with the same way as the first check. Please check the details.

You can receive the data of your website through Internet.

This is optional. If you need, we'll update your Japanese website. Please ask us about the price.

Basic: US$500
Text, images and simple CGI mail form, 4 pages or under.
10 e-mails are free for translation.
Additional: US$100/page
Text and Images, when it's more than 4 pages.
Animation, Video, CGI Program and Java Script: Negotiable
E-mail translation service: $US30/10 e-mails
Please forward your Japanese e-mails to us or make them sent directly to us. We'll translate them into English and also translate your replies into Japanese. *First ten e-mails are free.

You can choose one of the followings.
Credit Card
The procedure is done through a secured website. Fastest way.
Bank Transfer
The transfer fee is at your expense.
International Money Order
The transfer fee is at your expense. It takes time but costs less.

*When some research is necessary for writing, it requires additional costs.
*When original images are necessary, it requires additional costs which vary depending on the images.

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